Five Must-Have People Skills For Success

To achieve career success your interpersonal skills are just as important as your technical ability. The following are five key people skills you should focus on mastering if you want to become a more successful professional.

1. Be trustworthy

The strongest working relationships are built upon trust, and the first step to building that trust is stepping up when they need you. Colleagues are drawn to those they know can be depended upon. Don’t be afraid to face challenges head-on and present yourself with confidence. You’ll be seen as a highly valued team member.

2. Be genuine

If you want to be trusted by your peers, try to be as genuine as possible – because the best way to build trust is by being honest and responsible with your words and actions.
People who help solve problems with advice and integrity, rather than just saying what colleagues what to hear are the most valuable assets – so always be sincere!

3. Be positive

Whatever you’re doing – if you’re feeling positive, it will show in your work. Any team will benefit from a positive attitude, and it spreads easily!

Spread this good feeling by taking the time to have productive conversations with co-workers at all levels. Positive team morale is essential for a dynamic work atmosphere, so be conscious of your contributions to this.

Make an impact on your team when things go wrong. Don’t dwell on mistakes but take action to talk about “how we make sure it doesn’t happen again.”


4. Be a good listener

Being a good listener is not just about being quiet and nodding your head while someone else thinks. It’s about taking the time to digest what has been said, consider the point and respond appropriately and energetically.
As you give your colleagues your full attention, you’ll find that they become more receptive to you, resulting in a more open and respectful working relationship.

5. Be respectful

“Treat others as you would like to be treated” is an old adage that may seem cliché, but the sentiment is always relevant.
From the cleaning staff to the CEO, nobody should be exempt from this. Respect is a virtue that we should all embrace.
Respect and politeness are fundamental to how you carry yourself among the people you work with. It’s one of the things that can set you apart from your peers and makes you stand out as someone who is approachable and always acts professionally.


As you progress through your career, it’s important to remember that good people skills matter. By nurturing these as part of your ongoing skillset, you will significantly add to how you are perceived by potential employers and colleagues.

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