Preparing For a Zoom Interview

It’s an exciting time. You’ve applied for a job that you want, and you’ve just received an email to schedule a job interview. Congratulations! You are moving forward in the hiring process.

But the company tell you they wish to conduct the interview over video conferencing…

If it’s a style of interview you’ve never had before, you might be feeling some pre-interview jitters. Don’t worry! It’s completely normal to feel nervous about something new. Fortunately, there are some things you can prepare to put yourself in a position for success in your upcoming ZoomTeams, or Skype interview.

Familiarise Yourself with the Video App

Ask your interviewer which video conferencing platform will be used to conduct the interview. From there, download the software to your device. For job interviews we recommend, if possible, using a laptop or desktop computer; this provides stability to the device throughout the interview and can look better than a view up your nose.

Next, familiarise yourself with the software to become more comfortable. For example, practice how to enter meetings or how to properly connect your camera.

Set Up Your Interview Area

Choose a quiet area where you can shut the door and seclude yourself from others. This helps to avoid disruptions and distractions during the interview.

Next, check that the lighting in your space allows the interviewer to see your facial expressions and body language clearly. Avoid sitting with a window behind you as this can cast shadows and obscure your appearance.

Lastly, set up your space with a neutral, professional background such as a blank wall (and avoid virtual backgrounds!)

Prepare Your Device

Test your internet connection in your selected interview location. It’s important to have a strong connection to avoid issues during your interview. We recommend using an ethernet cable to hardwire your device to your router to prevent disruptions.

Update your device to prevent potential software issues. This includes ensuring you have the most recent version of the video application.

Charge your device and, if possible, plug in your device throughout the entire meeting. Lastly, silence your mobile phone and consider putting it away for the duration of the interview.

Prepare Yourself

Prepare for your video interview in the same way you would prepare for an in-person interview. Research the company and practice some questions and answers. You could consider asking a friend or family member to set up a practice meeting so you can practice with the program and fix any issues that may occur.

Dress for success. Whilst you may be tempted to throw on your pyjamas, be sure to dress professionally. You’ll feel confident and it’ll show. And remember, although nobody will see your shoes, you should still make sure they are polished!

Engage with the Interviewer

Although it can be more difficult than face-to-face meetings, showing your engagement is vital during interviews. It’s important to maintain eye contact with your interviewer, but this is done differently in video interviews. Looking into your interviewer’s eyes on the screen can give the appearance you are looking elsewhere. Instead, look directly into the camera while you speak.

Use similar body language to how you would in an in-person interview. Demonstrate your engagement by using non-verbal cues such as smiling and nodding to show you’re actively listening. Where appropriate ask follow-up questions.


Follow these steps and you’ll be sure to create a great impression on your potential employer. If you require assistance in preparing for an interview or would like us to help in your job search fill in our contact form.

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